Your Blindiness is Self-Inflicted

img_0022What is it that you cannot see because your eyes have been blindfolded, your hands tied and your ears covered? The answer is you. And who did this to you? The answer again is you did, because you are afraid of who you might find looking back at you through the mirror.

Do you know who you truly are? Are you aware of your true nature? As you begin down the path of living a life with purpose, meaning and fulfillment you must begin to become aware of who and what you truly are. So many of us go through our days with self-imposed limits on our lives that we have come to believe them to be true. Not only that, but we then begin to impose those same limits on the people and world around us as we propagate those thoughts and beliefs throughout our lives in every area.

What is it that you’re hiding from yourself? That’s the question I encourage you to ask of yourself each day. Are the limits you face in your life real, or perceived? Is that obstacle you keep bumping up against on your way to the fulfillment of your desires an internal or external one? Consider for a moment that no external obstacles truly exist but in our minds. Further consider that the only thing holding us back from living the life we came here to live is our own beliefs about who we are.

The bounded you will come across an obstacle and either try to overcome it by going around, over, through, or below it, or you might turn and go another direction altogether. The real you however when faced with the same obstacle wouldn’t even see it and instead would continue on as if nothing was there and as if anything was possible, since nothing is impossible.

The real truth is that you are powerful beyond measure, boundless to no end, and brighter than any star. The real you knows nothing but abundance, the real you feels nothing but love, and the real you is aware of what your true nature is.

So now again I ask you… Do you know who you truly are?



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